Creative Crew

Celebrating Cinco de Mayo with Fellow members of Hispanic Alumni Network of UT Exest

May 2, 2017

It goes without saying that creative success does not occur in a vacuum. That’s not to say that the actual writing process isn’t a solitary experience because it is. You are alone with your thoughts while sitting at your desk or in a coffee shop, on a park bench, propped up in bed, seated on the passenger side of a moving vehicle, or lounging in a chaise lakeside (I’ve tried them all). So yes, the writing process is something you do alone. It’s afterward when creative success involves an army of supporters including friends and loved ones. Those closest to you have been watching you write for months and/or years. They’ve learned when not to disturb you and when you definitely need a break involving an alcoholic beverage!

But it’s after the writing process is complete – which is the stage I’m enjoying now – that a new legion of supporters steps in to push you forward. For me, it’s been a never-ending stream of former co-workers in the news business, current professional colleagues, neighbors, a gaggle of girlfriends, and the all important members of the literary community all singing my praises and that of It’s News to Me.  Some have not (yet) read the book; while others have no plans to buy or read it. Ever. But that hasn’t stopped the flow of congratulations from those who make up my “Creative Crew” without whose support and belief in me – It’s News to Me – would not be a reality. Thanks, everyone!

Soft launch success!
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